If you love me, don’t die – The review: Journey of Hope #9

For the series of titles not to be missed on mobile, I talk about If you love me, do not die published by Plug in Digital, available on Google Play and App Store, it is a text adventure that deals with current issues such as fleeing from their homeland for war and persecution.

If you love me, don’t die
We will get to know the story of Nour, a young Syrian girl who faces a difficult journey to Europe to escape the war and all the horrors it brings with it. She is helped in this journey by her husband Majd, impersonated by the player, Nour leaves from Homs, and depending on the advice we give her she will reach certain destinations, but during the game anything can happen. What is striking is the unpredictability of the events in which Nour could be dragged.

If you love me, don’t die
If you love me, don’t die
A long and difficult journey
“Take care and don’t even think about dying before me”

Burry me, My love is the original title of the story, it is a Syrian saying quoted above. There are several themes that are addressed in this experience such as death, the fear of not finding each other, the desire for freedom, a country that cries out for help and above all hope, freedom and an end to this long war that never seems to end. The couple will meet in a safe haven, where Majd can join his wife. Every choice will affect the journey and the life of Nour, so we must choose carefully all the options and paths that will be proposed.

If you love me, don’t die makes us notice how many risks these people have to undergo in order to seek a minimum of freedom, salvation, not all of them manage to reach their destination and are often forced to return to their country of origin after entire weeks of travel reduced to inhuman conditions.

Take care of yourself
At the base of the game are the choices, once started we will start a series of messages, where Nour will update Majd on everything that happens and unexpected events it will be up to us to choose for the girl. Often there will be choices in which we will end up in remote and aimless places or even the failure of the trip or, conversely, may lead to salvation. All movements will be tracked with photos and documents through a map of Europe with Middle East and North Africa with a GPS.

To sum up, If You Love Me Don’t Die is a title that hits on delicate issues as mentioned above, we will live “indirectly” all phases of the journey and moods of the girl who will face a thousand adventures and misadventures to find her spouse. The only flaw that I found during my experience is some bugs in the responses, notifications do not arrive instantly and slightly crashes. I recommend you to play it several times and choose carefully the actions for your protagonist, as well as discover more than fifty different locations and discover nineteen different beautiful and unpleasant endings.

If you love me, don’t die
If you love me, don’t die
Did you know that If you love me, don’t die is inspired by real events? The idea came from an article written by a journalist from Le Mond, Lucie Soullier, in which she tells the story of Dana, a young Syrian woman who flees her country to start a new life in Germany. The price of the title is around € 4.99 on Steam, Google Play and App Store, recommended for those who want to get a laugh, those who want to be involved and make people think about certain events. There are all the elements of a story-driven game also accessible in the mobile and tablet version.

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