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Nights di Kō Yoneda – Review #1

Masato seems to show a particular bond with a certain mafia clan, while the yakuza is perhaps not what he seems…


The single volume of Nights collects three different stories with different themes, situations, settings and characters. The scenes of sexuality are natural, the author never descends into banal scenes or unnecessary censorship, and at the same time does not descend into voyeurism. So it is volume suitable for all types of readers who do not like scenes definitely too vulgar.

Let’s see in detail without going into too much detail and plot spoilers:


Night is the first story that announces the first volume, it talks about two characters who are part of the Yakuza.

While reading you will get to know details and peculiarities about the characters that will give a twist to the story itself. The story of this couple is funny and fascinating at the same time, among other things is the most mature story of the three. Yoneda in fact leaves room for a full-bodied and elegant scene in the bedroom, without being too explicit. Different from the classic style of the author. I hope that this couple can return in subsequent works of the author and I also loved the extra final volume dedicated to them.

The Spectrum of Feelings
The Spectrum of Feelings is the second story we are going to read, we stay on a classic genre, set in a school context and especially with much sweeter and youthful tones.

It is a story so delicate and sweet as to find those characters shy, blushing and embarrassed at the sight of the person she likes or otherwise in unpleasant situations becomes a little tomato to be scrambled.

Although the story has a more juvenile context, aside from a few cute and comical scenes, the author makes her characters mature despite their age and manages to tone down the classic characters within the yaoi, something I really appreciate in the author’s style.

Reply is the last story that concludes the novel and is the longest of them all; in fact, it consists of two chapters unlike the previous ones that ended with a single chapter.

This story is about two characters who worked in the same company, Takami, a sales manager and Seki, a mechanic. The story has a slow-burn type of narration, we get to know the characters and their feelings slowly only in the first part of the story, because in the second part it seems like the author did everything in a hurry, thus leaving that bitter taste and disappointment at the conclusion of the story.

This type of storytelling is interesting and enjoyable, so much so that in the first half we get to know the birth of pure and sweet feelings, then all of a sudden it’s all fast and the same thing goes for the slightly explicit scenes that led to the disappointment of the story. I would have preferred an in-depth look at the characters and their sexuality, especially one character in particular.

This is one of those manga that catches you by surprise. Yoneda has a really distinctive stroke and doesn’t make the characters too stylized, instead making them very realistic. The characters convey strong emotions and the expressions are so deep and real that it makes you appreciate the volume you’re reading better.

I gladly recommend this volume, it has everything you need to appreciate Kō Yoneda’s style, stories and characters. As for the Italian edition made by Flashbook, it is well made, with the addition of accurate and well-made color pages. A volume well done.

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