Glyph – Review #10

Glyph is a 3D platformer developed by Bolverk Games, out today, August 9, for the PC platform. We will dress in the shoes of Glyph, a small mechanical beetle that wakes up in a seemingly abandoned desert. We will meet Anobi, who will act as the narrator for the duration of the game and will help us throughout the levels, slowly discovering all the abilities of the little beetle.

The civilization of The Elders created a machine called The Guardian to defend the temple. Something went wrong making the Guardian corrupt, so that the desert is apparently uninhabited. Through the collection of coins, gems and artifacts, we’ll help the little scarab rebuild the temple of Aaru. The protagonist will have to purify all the corruption starting from the Sanctuary, the main objective of the game.

Glyph everything you need to know about the game modes
After finishing the tutorial levels, you’ll be directed to a “lobby” where you’ll be explained everything you need to know. There are two types of levels to choose from, exploration, where you’ll have the entire session to look around, and time-based, where you must complete objectives and missions. Each level you play three times you have the possibility of getting different prizes. The coins are used to unlock new exploration levels. The artifacts you find in these exploration levels are used to unlock new time trial levels.

Glyph has simple, pastel-colored graphics and a very cartoony style that is pleasant to look at. You will be accompanied by a wonderful soundtrack through the various levels you will play. The landscapes are very reminiscent of Journey, so if you liked this title you’ll be amazed by it as well. With over 80 levels you’ll have the possibility to collect and customize your own little scarab. I haven’t encountered any problems from either mouse and keyboard or joypad, and I can confirm that it’s very relaxing as a gaming session.

Summing up is a title that I personally loved for its simplicity, for its customization of the little beetle and levels easy enough though certain skills are definitely not easy to master, overall nothing serious. The price of the title is around 16.69 € on Steam, recommended for a quiet session and chill but if you are curious to try it now, then buy it is on offer at 14.27 € I hope that the first impressions can be of help, see you next time.

Free digital copy of the game provided to us by the developer for review purposes

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